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Ethical Hacking Course: Website Hacking in Practice Training course
 Ethical Hacking Course: Website Hacking in Practice Training course

The course covers all important hacking techniques used by hackers and system administrators. About the Ethical Hacking Training course (what you can expect):
WHAT YOU WILL LEARN from this Ethical Hacking Training:
    • Module 01. Introduction and environment configuration – you will learn how to configure and prepare your system for the further training. All you need is a Windows system.
    • Module 02. Deep data hiding.
    • Module 03. Brute-force and dictionary attacks – you will get to know how an attacker could perform a brute-force or a dictionary attack on your website or web application containing a password protected data.
    • Module 04. Account lockout attack.
    • Module 05. Web parameter tampering – you will learn how to tamper hidden data used by websites. You will use the presented technique in a real-life example. Very important lesson.
    • Module 06. Path and information disclosure.
    • Module 07. Forced browsing – you will see how an attacker could “sniff” a sensitive data from a website using a forced browsing.
    • Module 08. Path traversal – you will learn a path traversal method and use it in practice in your training environment.
    • Module 09. Unicode encoding – encoding related vulnerabilities.

    • Module 10. Parameter delimiter – you will learn how to take advantage of input filtering bugs. After this lesson, you will be able to create an admin account – of course without having the administrator privileges.
    • Module 11. PHP injection – you will be demonstrated a PHP code injection practical attack. Very important lesson. You will see how a malicious data can be injected into a website, e.g. using a crafted image or text string.
    • Module 12. Direct static code injection – you will learn what a static code injection is and how it could be used by an attacker.
    • Module 13. SQL injection – one of the TOP3 techniques used by attackers nowadays. Step by step practical demonstration. You can hack the training website yourself (without harming anybody).
    • Module 14. XSS – Cross Site Scripting attack – you will see for yourself why XSS is considered the most popular hackers’ target. By the end of this lesson, you will intercept a user session.
    • Module 14B. XST – Cross Site Tracing attack.
    • Module 15. XSRF – Cross-Site Request Forgery attack – you will learn how an attacker can force an unaware user to reset a password.
    • Module 16. Spying on data with a browser – no additional comment needed.
    • Module 17. Session hijacking – lesson on session hijacking and consequences.
    • Module 18. Session fixation.
    • Module 19. Phishing – one of the most popular attacks. You will learn some tips to protect against it.
    • Module 20. Automated security testing – you will be taught using automated security testing tools and learn what white, black and grey box testing is. Useful knowledge for web developers and IT security consultants.

 Ethical Hacking Course: Website Hacking in Practice Training course